Hi, I'm the Regional Manager for southern California.

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My name's Nick Janous, and I'm a Regional Manager for Nexom. My experience includes wastewater treatment process design and optimization and I'm involved in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment projects across North America. My current focus is on post-lagoon cold climate ammonia removal and disk filtration projects, for new or upgrades of existing wastewater treatment.

As well, allow me to introduce you to our California representatives. In Southern California, that's Saddleback Environmental Equipment. For everyone south of San Luis Obispo, Kern, and San Bernardino counties, inclusive, Saddleback will give you great service and can answer your questions about how our technologies can make the difference for your plant.

Saddleback Environmental Equipment

Phone: 714-827-9510
Office: 4312 Jade Ave
Cypress, CA 90630-2050

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Phone: 262-375-1870
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Meanwhile, in northern California, I am your regional manager.

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Hi, my name's Will McHale, and like Nick, I'm a Regional Manager for Nexom. I have been in water treatment for more than 15 years, starting out on the UPW side of the microelectronics and life science markets, but evolving to include drinking and wastewater treatment in municipal and industrial applications. I'm specifically interested in system design for the removal of metals/metalloids in industrial applications, and TSS/nutrient reduction in municipal and food & beverage applications.  

Also, let me introduce our northern California representatives, Gierlich-Mitchell. Their territory covers everything including Monterey, Kings, Tulare, and Inyo counties. They are experienced WWTF solutions providers and are excited to be working with them to bring our technologies to your plant.

Gierlich-mitchell Inc.

Phone: 714-236-6070
Website: www.gierlich-mitchell.com
Office: 10533 Progress Way, Suite A
Cypress, CA 90630

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Phone: 720-771-6410
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