How much does a Blue PRO® system cost?

There are many factors which can influence the cost of a Blue PRO® system, including design flows, loading, treatment requirements, and existing infrastructure. The best way to determine the cost for your specific application is to submit your RFP to our project development team.

What influent characteristics are required for Blue PRO®?

The Blue PRO® is surprisingly flexible as a tertiary treatment. Several systems exist with high-strength influents between 5 and 12 mg/L P and TSS up to 50 mg/L. The ultimate treatment configuration is dependent on the influent loads and on the treatment goal.

What other metals can a Blue PRO® system remove?

Nexom has Blue PRO® installations that are permitted for aluminum, arsenic, copper, lead, mercury, phosphorus, zinc, and other trace transition metals.

Is the system compatible with nitrate removal?

Yes! For those looking to meet low total nitrogen or nitrate limits, the Blue PRO process can be easily and efficiently combined with the Blue Nite® process to conveniently remove nitrates and phosphorus/metals using the same infrastructure. You can learn more about removing nitrates on our Blue Nite page.

Can the system be installed into pre-existing tanks?

In some cases, the Blue PRO® technology can be retrofitted to existing tanks. Contact our project development to learn how your specific tanks could be integrated with the Blue PRO process.

does the media need to be replaced or topped up?

Thanks to the continually-regenerative reactive filtration process, media is not a consumable. The process imparts a temporary chemical coating to the media that is stripped and reformed cyclically in situ. Many older sand filter designs of 20 years ago were prone to occasional media loss. Our washbox design, coupled with our unique control and monitoring systems, mitigates this concern. A Blue PRO system will waste almost no media in its lifetime, meaning that in a 20-year period, topping up is unlikely to be required, and the media should never need to be replaced.

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