Is a coarse screen required before the EcoBELT™?

While numerous sites have chosen to implement the EcoBELT without a preceding bar screen, to maximize the life of the belt we recommend implementing a 2” coarse screen upstream.

How does the lifecycle cost compare to clarifiers?

Although there are far too many variables that can impact such a comparison, in many cases opting for an EcoBELT can result in significant cost savings over conventional clarification.

How does the EcoBELT reduce waste and disposal?

Unlike other RBFs, which use a flapper gate through which solids exit the process (with the associated backpressure issues), the EcoBELT’s patent-pending integration of a backpressure cone allows solids to exit consistently while also ensuring solids are reliably dewatered, resulting in less waste and less disposal.

How does the EcoBELT achieve maximized belt-life by using mechanical cleaning?

The EcoBELT uses the Doctor Blade as part of the cleaning process, which results in drastically reduced energy costs as compared to blower-based cleaning. Unlike the scraper blades on all other RBFs, our Doctor Blade is adjusted to a tight tolerance to lift and peel the solids off the belt without actually making contact with the belt. Meanwhile, any inherent strains imparted to the belt during operation are offset by the EcoBELT's patent-pending, engineered belt support structure pattern. The belt support not only creates the maximum open area enabling more of the belt to be used for filtration, but also mitigates the stresses that lead to failure caused by rod-support lattices.

In practice, the EcoBELT has demonstrated belt life that is equal or greater than any other RBF belt available. And no system makes it easier or faster to replace a belt, with changes taking 30 mins as opposed to the 6-8 hr process other systems require.

How does the EcoBELT achieve redundancy?

In applications where redundancy is required, multiple isolatable EcoBELT belt drives can be installed within the same unit.

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