How much does a typical system cost?

There are many factors which can influence the cost of the infini-D™ process, including design flows, loading, treatment requirements, and existing infrastructure. The best way to determine the cost for your specific application is to submit your RFP to our project development team.

Can the system be installed into pre-existing tanks?

The infini-D™ technology is flexible and is compatible with both new and existing concrete or steel tanks. Contact our project development to learn how your specific tanks could be integrated into an infini-D™ process.

Why cloth filter media instead of fixed-pore space media?

Pile cloth filter media is preferable in many cases to fixed-pore media because with the same solids-size filtration, it is less prone to fouling. During the vacuum backwash process, the pile cloth that typically lays flat along the surface of the media is pulled into an upright position. This motion and flexibility of the cloth fibers allows trapped solids to be pulled into the backwash; they are less likely to become lodged in the filter media and require manual disk maintenance.


The outside in flow path allows for vacuum cleaning of the cloth media, rather than cleaning with pressurized water. This prevents forcing of particles into the pore spaces reducing long term fouling. In addition, particles removed are drawn directly into the sludge removal piping, eliminating the need for settling of backwashed particles which improves filtration of neutrally buoyant or lighter than water particles such as algae.

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