Will optAER aeration improve our ammonia levels?

Very likely. The availability of dissolved oxygen is often a limiting factor for nitrification (ammonia removal), and the increased mixing that aeration can provide also helps ensure ammonia-rich wastewater comes in contact with nitrifying bacteria. But if you live somewhere that gets cold in the winter, remember that cold water can be a far more significant limiting factor than even dissolved oxygen, and if it's ammonia removal you're looking for, the SAGR is the answer.

Is dewatering required for maintenance?

No, with most optAER configurations dewatering is not required for most of maintenance items, including inspecting diffusers and changing diffuser membranes, and desludging the ponds. Floating laterals allow diffusers to be accessed from the water's surface, allowing individual diffusers or entire laterals to be inspected in a full lagoon.

What special equipment is required for maintenance?

For most optAER systems, the most specialized equipment required for maintenance is a light, stable boat from which an operator can work. No barge or heavy lifting equipment is required.

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