Hi, I'm the Regional Manager for Kansas.

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My name's Will McHale, and I'm a Regional Manager with Nexom. Having 15+ years experience in municipal and industrial water treatment (from UPW to WW), I know first-hand that experience does not necessarily equate to expertise. But within the industry and to my customers I have expertise in process and wastewater Treatment (including metals, nutrients), USP water quality, TOC and conductivity instrumentation, and cleaning validation.

Lagoon-based customers, allow me to introduce you to our Kansas representatives, the Ray Lindsey Company. They know optAER® Lagoon Aeration and SAGR post-lagoon nitrification, and are experts at helping Kansas customers determine how to integrate them. You can reach them at:

Ray Lindsey Company

Phone: 816-388-7440
Website: www.raylindsey.com
Office: 17221 Bel Ray Place
Belton, MO 64012

Filter customers, meet Environmental Process Equipment Company. If you're looking at the infini-D™ Zero-Downtime Cloth Disk Filter, Blue PRO, Blue NITE, or Blue Water Technologies' Eco MAT, they're ready and excited to help you. Contact them at:

Environmental Process Equipment Company

Phone: 316-866-2888
Website: www.epecwater.com
Office: 2250 N. Rock Rd, Suite 118-253
Wichita, KS 67226

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