We are about helping you make your wastewater treatment program a worry-free source of pride for your communities.


Nexom serves consulting engineers, municipalities, and industrial clients with simple yet powerful wastewater processes and with a focus on moving projects forward smoothly and efficiently. 

More than simply an equipment manufacturer, we are a complete solution provider, and our on-staff engineers supply our consulting engineer clients with final design-ready drawings that maximize the efficacy of our proprietary technologies.

Our understanding of the following three traits sets us apart:


Responsive service and technologies: Our team strives to make our customers' lives easier by providing responsive service, with design support and drawings that keep projects on track. Our portfolio of proprietary technologies is responsive as well, focused on addressing the contaminants and nutrients that regulators are targeting today and into the future. 

At home in the cold: We understand cold water presents unique dynamics that are often believed to be insurmountable. We know they can, because at our office in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, we annually see the coldest winters of any North American city of over 500,000 residents, and its in those conditions that our technologies have been proven. 

Research and performance: We only promise what we have proven we can reliably deliver. We can provide years of data from dozens of full-scale installations, have been approved by the most rigorous regulators on the continent, and have the testimony of recognized academic authorities. All this, to give you the confidence that what we supply will work.

Our vision is for every drop of wastewater in North America to meet the highest nutrient standards at the lowest possible energy footprint.


As Nexom, we ensure all wastewater plant operators sleep easy at night through a relentless commitment to proven innovation, best in class employees and customer service.

We are proud of the history that we get the chance to write every day.


Nexom is a new name for a rich history that starts in 1997, with the founding of Nelson Environmental. In 2016, with the addition of filtration technologies and a broader focus designed to serve customers better, the company was reborn as Nexom, with industry veteran Tom Pokorsky joining Nelson Environmental founder Martin Hildebrand to lead the charge.