Hi, I'm the Regional Manager for Arizona.

My Name’s Perry Pelitera, and I’m a Regional Sales Manager with Nexom. My experience includes chemical treatment of process water systems, reuse and potable water membrane systems, and wastewater separation processes. I have worked on system design and development for industrial and municipal treatment systems over the past 15+ years. I look forward to assisting you develop or update with the correct filtration or nutrient removal technology through our top-rated manufacturer representative network.

As well, allow me to introduce you to our representatives in Arizona, Applied Products Group. They understand what we do really well and can bring our exclusive technologies to your project. You can reach them at:

Applied Products Group, LLC

Phone: 602-793-6545
Website: www.apgwater.com
Office: 23623 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite D3 270
Scottsdale, AZ  85255

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Phone: 480-352-4376
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