key details:

Technology: Blue Nite® biological denitrification

Key Advantages:

  1. Nitrate removal to <1 mg/L
  2. Unique patented control system
  3. Lowest capital and O&M
  4. Eliminates upsets, gas bumps, and high rate backwash cycling
  5. Approved for water reuse under California Title 22/Class 1A


  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Industrial nitrate mitigation
  • Existing treatment facilities needing end-of-pipe denitrification
  • Blue PRO® installations for total nutrient Removal

Case Studies:

  • Bellefonte PA
  • Aztec NM
  • Indian Head MD

Your challenge: Meeting your nitrate and Total Nitrogen limits

Fully denitrify your wastewater: If you have nitrate or total nitrogen limits (or anticipate future limits and want to be ready), you need a system that can efficiently remove nitrates.

Save space, time and money: Within the tight budgets imposed upon municipalities, implement an effective solution that doesn’t break the capital expenditures bank or multiply operating expenditures down the road.

Our technology: Blue Nite® biological denitrification

infini-D Zero-Downtime Cloth Disk Filter

Nexom is the exclusive provider of Blue Nite biological denitrification, a simple, powerful technology for consistently lowering nitrates to <1 mg/L NOx-N. Blue Nite uses Nexom's Centra-flo® granular media filtration as an attached-growth platform in which heterotrophic bacteria can thrive and fully denitrify influent nitrates.

Why do you need a Blue Nite system? Because nitrate and total nitrogen limits are proliferating in updated discharge permits across the continent, and the Blue Nite system provides a modular, end-of-pipe solution that means you never need to worry about whether you can meet your nitrate levels again.

Implementing Blue Nite biological denitrification has been shown to:

  • Reduce nitrates to <1 mg/L
  • Accommodate high or fluctuating influent nitrate levels
  • Work with alternative carbon sources, such as glycerin and acetate
  • Work simultaneously in the same vessel with Blue PRO® reactive filtration for phosphorus removal to provide total nutrient removal.