key details:

Technology: EcoBelt Rotating Belt Filtration for Plant Optimization

Key Advantages:

  1. Reduce BOD by 20-40%,
    TSS by 30-80%
  2. Treat in 5% of the space
    required by conventional clarification
  3. Use less energy than other
    rotating belt filters
  4. Automated self-cleaning cuts
    85% of routine maintenance


  • 0.1-50 MGD plant-optimizing primary treatment
  • Increases plant capacity by reducing solids, nutrient, and BOD loading to subsequent processes
  • Replaces failing clarifiers with efficiency in a small footprint
  • Removes grease, oils, and fats using patented WaterKnife process

Case Studies:

  • Valparaiso IN
  • Wilmington VT
  • Pocahontas WV

Your challenge: Increasing your plant’s capacity

Reduce loading to your secondary treatment processes: If your biological process is underperforming and your tertiary effluent is inconsistent as a consequence, discover how well your plant can run when half the load is removed at the front end.

Save space, time and money: Finding the real estate for another clarifier is not always an option, and even if the land is there, building one requires substantial capital expenditures.

Our technology: EcoBELT

Nexom is the exclusive source for the EcoBELT™, the simple, powerful primary treatment solution for optimizing your plant’s function. The EcoBELT takes the concept of a rotating belt filter (RBF) and enhances it with energy saving features and an ease of maintenance not found on other filters.

Why do you need an EcoBELT? Before you spend millions of dollars to get marginal oxygen-transfer improvements in secondary treatment, consider what would happen if you could halve your loading at the front end. It’s possible, and you won’t have to turn the neighborhood baseball diamond into a clarifier farm.

Implementing an EcoBELT has been shown to:

  • Reduce 30-80% of the TSS and 20-40% of the BOD that finds its way into secondary treatment systems, improving the plant’s ability to perform BNR
  • Use approximately 5% of the footprint of an equivalent clarifier
  • Feed your anaeroabic digester with fluid primary solids containing the highest raw energy content, or
  • Dewater primary solids with the optional integrated screw press for disposal at the nearest landfill.