key details:

Technology: optAER® fine-bubble lagoon aeration (and associated process upgrades)

Key advantages:

  1. Effectively improves lagoon cBOD and TSS treatment
  2. Stops nuisance odors
  3. Reduces sludge by promoting internal digestion


  • Facultative lagoons/waste stabilization ponds
  • Old or underperforming aerated lagoons
  • cBOD removal
  • TSS removal
  • Algae control/pH stabilization
  • Water Reuse
  • Sludge reduction

Associated Case Studies:

Your challenge: Improve lagoon BOD/TSS removal

Reduce BOD/TSS: Improve Biological Oxygen Demand and suspended solids removal performance to meet lower limits without constructing additional lagoons.

Increase capacity: Upgrade the lagoon to increase the design capacity of the system and accommodate new industrial contributions or community growth.

Reduce energy consumption: Upgrade existing aeration with fine bubble aeration to reduce energy requirements.

Reduce energy consumption: The old aeration is using a lot of power to little effect.

Stop odors and sludge build-up: Nuisance odors spell trouble for a town’s aromatic aesthetic, while manual sludge removal spell trouble for its pocketbook.

Save space, time, and money: You'd like to do it on a compact footprint, and as usual, the simpler to operate and more inexpensive the solution, the better.

Our technology: optAER® Fine-Bubble Lagoon Aeration 


The Nexom optAER system is an efficient pond-based wastewater treatment solution used in a broad spectrum of applications. In comparison to conventional mechanical treatment facilities, optAER process-enhanced lagoons maintain the simplicity of a lagoon system at a fraction of the cost to construct and operate.

Of course, aside from financial benefits, the documented performance of optAER systems make it a reliable solution for achieving high effluent quality and meeting increasingly stringent wastewater effluent regulations, especially when paired with Nexom’s other lagoon-based process upgrades (including SAGR™ post-lagoon nitrification and infini-D™ Zero-Downtime Phosphorus Removal System).

The sludge digestion capability of the optAER process results in minimal long-term solids accumulation, extending the design life of the lagoons and allowing longer operation prior to de-sludging.