Hi, I'm the Regional Manager for Colorado.

Todd Latchaw

My name's Todd Latchaw, and I'm a Regional Manager with Nexom. My experience includes environmental water and wastewater treatment process equipment, design, and field optimization, and I'm involved currently in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment projects across North America. My current focus is on new business development of cold-climate Total Ammonia removal, Total Phosphorus removal, and Total Nitrogen removal for new plants as well as upgrades of existing wastewater treatment plants and lagoon-based systems through our industry's top rated manufacturing rep network.

If you're looking for any of our technologies, isiWEST is our Colorado representative. They understand what we do really well and can bring our exclusive technologies to your project. You can reach them at:


Phone: 970.535.0571
Website: www.isiwest.com
Office: 4175 Mulligan Dr.
Longmont, CO 80504

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