The wastewater industry has seen nutrients expose the limits of existing solutions. Nexom design-supports and supplies the next wave of proven

Technologies for cleaner water

helping consulting engineers confidently exceed all municipal or industrial demands.


It's easy to upgrade wastewater treatment with Nexom

We've designed our process with engineers in mind. From introduction through implementation, we supplement your workflow and make your municipal/industrial clients happy by expediting the entire project and providing superior technologies.

Our simple process outlines what you can expect, although our responsive team is always happy to consult further at any point:

  1. You submit your project's details, and you can get started today.

  2. You receive design support and final design-ready drawings, drafted by our engineers who work with you to identify the solution to your wastewater treatment requirements..

  3. We supply the exclusive technologies that will set the project apart.

  4. We continue to stand behind the installation, long after the shovels and hardhats have left the site.


What other engineers have said:

  • [Nexom's] innovative technology as a post lagoon tertiary filter will meet all the town's future development needs and save the town millions of dollars compared to a conventional plant!
    — Trish Johnson
    Ottawa, Ontario
  • The [SAGR] wastewater system is consistently discharging extremely high effluent quality with non-detect BOD, TSS and ammonia.
    — Matt Wildman, P.E.
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • They are professional, responsive, and dedicated to ensuring that what they design and supply works and that the clients are pleased.
    — Jason Kopan, P.Eng.
    Edmonton, Alberta
  • Nexom's ability to work with the local operators and their client service throughout the pilot was exemplary!
    — Trish Johnson
    Ottawa, Ontario
  • The ease of operation and the ultimate success of the Walker [SAGR] system has led to several other projects in the surrounding communities and throughout Iowa.
    — Matt Wildman, P.E.
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • We partnered with [Nexom] because they are a recognized leader in the design and installation of aeration systems…
    — Jason Kopan, P.Eng.
    Edmonton, Alberta

Read our most recent case studies:

Say goodbye to BOD, ammonia, or nitrates.

Say Hello to the BioPortz MBBR.

Combining the proven BioPortz moving bed biofilm reactor with Nexom's unmatched nitrification expertise and patented processes means facilities with footprint restrictions can beat their ammonia (or BOD or nitrate) limits too.


MBBR acquisition promises
major nitrification, minor footprint.


Whether you're building a greenfield treatment plant or retrofitting a facility, this is great news. BioPortz has proven itself in a wide range of applications, from standalone MBBR systems to converting activated sludge plants into IFAS facilities to lagoon-based systems requiring ammonia reduction. 

Nexom's acquisition of the BioPortz MBBR puts its established strengths in the hands of the company that knows nitrification—especially nitrification in the most extreme conditions—better than anyone.


Full Ammonia Removal
in <1°C water.

Lagoons love winter when they've got a SAGR.


The Nexom SAGR™ is designed to follow wastewater treatment lagoons or other secondary treatment processes to provide full nitrification in cold water temperatures. The SAGR reliably achieves effluent Total Ammonia-Nitrogen levels below <1 mg/L in water that's <1°C/34°F.


For every regulator's action imposing North America's lowest phosphorus limits, Blue PRO provides the

Equal & Appropriate Reaction 

Beat phosphorus limits as low as 0.02 mg/L with

Cover-BluePRO-Indian Head Floor Level.jpg

You didn’t choose your limits, but you can choose to beat them. Where even low levels of phosphorus or metals can do a lot of damage, wastewater treatment plants can become targets of regulatory pressure to meet μg/L phosphorus and metals limits. Beat those limits with Blue PRO. 


You can't afford a part-time solution when it comes to

Removing Solids or Phosphorus

so turn to the


The infini-D™ Zero-Downtime Cloth Disk Filter is ideal for solids and phosphorus removal. It provides optimal filtration and allows individual disks to be removed, inspected, and maintained while other disks continue filtering, tank de-watering is not required, and the system stays online.


Your lagoon can be a

high-performance treatment facility.

Meet BOD and TSS limits and more with


Nexom's optAER® family of lagoon upgrades is created to give you the tools you need to meet BOD and TSS effluent quality requirements and turn a lagoon into a low-O&M, high-performance treatment facility, including fine-bubble aeration, floating laterals, self-tensioning headers, HDPE ball covers, and much more..


You can try squeezing the last 0.1% out of your SOTEs, but low-hanging fruit can


Optimize your plant with 30% less BOD and 60% less TSS thanks to


Thanks to EcoBELT’s size, performance, and cost, primary treatment is finally scalable. With a small footprint, a relatively low capital cost, and proprietary advantages that make it the most operator-friendly rotating belt filter to date, now primary treatment can be upgraded. 


With great nitrifying power comes

Total Nutrient Removability.

Beat Total Nitrogen and Nitrate limits with


The simple, flexible, biological way to beat nitrate limits. Built upon a continuous-upflow sand filter platform, Blue Nite creates the optimal conditions required for denitrifying bacteria to thrive. And where denitrifiers take hold, nitrates don’t last long.


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