Hi, I'm the Regional Manager for Mississippi.

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My name's Nick Janous, and I'm the Regional Manager for Nexom. My experience includes wastewater treatment process design and optimization and I'm involved in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment projects across North America. My current focus is on post-lagoon cold climate ammonia removal and disk filtration projects, for new or upgrades of existing wastewater treatment.

As well, allow me to introduce you to our Mississippi representatives, Instrument & Supply, Inc. (Southeast). They know our products and are experts at helping Mississippi customers determine how to integrate them. You can reach them at:

Instrument & Supply, Inc. (Southeast)

Phone: 501-622-9089
Website: www.isiequip.com
Office: 14750 Hwy 64
Sommerville, TN  38068

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Phone: 262-375-1870
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