Hi, I'm the Regional Manager for Mississippi.

My Name’s Perry Pelitera, and I’m a Regional Sales Manager with Nexom. My experience includes chemical treatment of process water systems, reuse and potable water membrane systems, and wastewater separation processes. I have worked on system design and development for industrial and municipal treatment systems over the past 15+ years. I look forward to assisting you develop or update with the correct filtration or nutrient removal technology through our top-rated manufacturer representative network.

As well, allow me to introduce you to our Mississippi representatives, Instrument & Supply, Inc. (Southeast). They know our products and are experts at helping Mississippi customers determine how to integrate them. You can reach them at:

Instrument & Supply, Inc. (Southeast)

Phone: 501-622-9089
Website: www.isiequip.com
Office: 14750 Hwy 64
Sommerville, TN  38068

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Phone: 480-352-4376
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