Required Iowa SAGR Sizing Reduced

The 2016 Update to Technology Assessment 11-1 could mean significant savings for municipalities on post-lagoon nitrification.

Iowa municipalities could see significant reduction in cost on new SAGR™ post-lagoon nitrification installations as a result of the 2016 Update to the Iowa DNR New Wastewater Technology Assessment No. 11-1.

The update reduces required sizing and increases flexibility of SAGR™ designs “based on additional data from full scale operational facilities within the State of Iowa as well as re-evaluation of the original Steinbach pilot data and [Nexom]’s supporting information.”

More specifically, the 2016 Update changes SAGR design and operation as follows:

  • Reduced overall HRT, decreasing the sizing required for dilute flow systems
  • Changing BOD flux rates requirements during cell offline conditions to make the normal design conditions the limiting criteria
  • Eliminating width to length and length to depth ratio requirements
  • Provision for existing lagoons that do not meet Ch. 18C guidelines
  • Reduced monitoring requirements for systems designed based on the existing technology assessment No. 11-1.

To find out specifically how this will impact your lagoon upgrade project, contact MC2, Nexom’s official Iowa representative.