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Relocating First Nation Town Meant Building a Completely New Wastewater Treatment System

The new wastewater treatment system had to meet two key issues. The first was operations and maintenance (O&M), since it can be difficult to find individuals who possess the qualifications needed to run O&M-intensive treatment facilities in remote communities…. Secondly, the system needed to meet Canada’s 2012 Wastewater System Effluent Regulations (WSER), which stipulate not only that effluent un-ionized ammonia cannot exceed 1.25 mg/L, but it also cannot be acutely lethal under the Fisheries Act.

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AMMONIA AND DIESEL: Northlands Dënesųłiné First Nation tackles two challenging foes with its simple, sustainable wastewater treatment plant

“Simple in maintenance and simple in operation,” agrees Liliya Chunderova, P.Eng., speaking of the new Northlands Dënesųłiné First Nation wastewater treatment lagoon she and her colleagues at Tetra-Tech designed. Even the process train is simple: “A new lift station, a new force main, the two aerated lagoon cells, followed by two SAGR cells discharging continuously.” Chunderova is referencing Nexom’s SAGR® post-lagoon cold water nitrification system…

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