Hi, I'm the Regional Manager for Saskatchewan.

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My name's Merle Kroeker, and I'm the Lead Project Development Engineer with Nexom. My experience includes wastewater treatment process design and optimization and I'm involved in lagoon based municipal and industrial wastewater treatment projects across North America, including several in Saskatchewan. My current focus is on nutrient removal and plant optimization for new or upgrades of existing wastewater treatment plants, including lagoons.

As well, allow me to introduce you to our filtration products representatives in Saskatchewan, Mequipco. They are dedicated to assisting consultants, contractors and end users in water and wastewater treatment projects. Mequipco has a reputation of excellence in customer service, quality of systems performance and provision of superior, technologically advanced products.



Phone: 403-259-8333
Website: www.mequipco.com
Office: Unit #101, 5126 - 126 Ave. SE
Calgary, AB  T2Z 0H2

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