From bid to commissioning, we are here to make your project a success. 

One way to know how to support contractors is to have the whole company emerge from a construction company. 

Our technologies are engineered to install more easily without costing you more, because we know that if we make your life as the contractor better, the treatment plant will succeed. 

We do that through:

  • Our detailed engineering team who supports you and the project engineer with clear drawings and comprehensive submittals and scopes of work,
  • Our procurement, fabrication, and logistics teams who ensure the technology and materials you need are on site on the day you need them,
  • Our experienced SiteWorks teams who are ready and available for you to subcontract installation or other services, and
  • Our responsive project management teams who oversee everything, ensuring every “t” is crossed, “i” dotted, so that projects are commissioned on time and on budget with a smile on everyone’s face.

Want to learn more, or need details for a bid? Contact us today!