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Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are about helping you make your wastewater treatment program a worry-free source of pride for your communities.

The wastewater industry has seen how nutrients have exposed the limits of existing solutions. Nexom designs and supplies the next wave of proven technologies for cleaner water so municipalities and industries can confidently meet and exceed every treatment need.

When wastewater plants get tighter regulations (or when their aging infrastructure can no longer meet existing regulations), their engineers turn to us to help them produce low carbon, phosphorus or nitrogen concentrations. We offer proprietary technologies including:

These, along with the rest of our proven portfolio, make us a leader in clean water technologies.

Our understanding of the following three traits sets us apart:

Responsive service and technologies: Our team strives to make our customers’ lives easier by providing responsive service, with design support and drawings to keep projects on track. Our portfolio of proprietary technologies is responsive as well, focused on addressing the contaminants and nutrients that regulators are targeting today and into the future.

At home in the cold: We understand cold water presents unique dynamics that are often believed to be insurmountable. At our office in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, we annually see the coldest winters of any North American city of over 500,000 residents, and it’s in those conditions that our technologies have been proven.

Research and performance: We only promise what we have proven Nexom technologies and services can reliably deliver. We can provide years of data from dozens of full-scale installations, have been approved by the most rigorous regulators on the continent, and have the testimony of recognized academic authorities. All this, to give you the confidence that if its supplied by Nexom, it will work.

Our vision is for every drop of wastewater in North America to meet the highest nutrient standards at the lowest possible energy footprint.

As Nexom, we ensure all wastewater plant operators sleep easy at night through a relentless commitment to proven innovation, best in class employees and customer service.

In fact, it is thanks to this team that we, Nexom has been named the Best Employer in Wastewater by Hunter Crown, the water-focused recruiting and executive search company, twice!

Our Leadership Team
Meet the team that sets the tone.
Martin Hildebrand, P.Eng.

Martin Hildebrand, P.Eng.


Martin Hildebrand, P.Eng, started Nexom’s founding predecessor, Nelson Environmental, in 1997, and in the subsequent years has focused on guiding the company to pioneer numerous leading biological and filtration-based wastewater treatment systems. That experience includes research and wastewater technology development as well as process design and optimization of over 700 projects across North America and the Middle East. With Nexom now part of a larger family of companies, Martin has since been promoted to Axius Water’s Chief Technology Officer while remaining closely connected to the Nexom team.

Mona Colburn

Mona Colburn

Vice President, Finance

Mona Colburn joined Nexom’s finance and accounting team in 2008, and by 2013 she was leading it. She has has been a key contributor to a variety of acquisitions while overseeing successful reporting, audit, forecasting and cash management amidst the 4x+ organic growth of Nexom’s core business. Ms. Colburn holds her Bachelor of Commerce degree with a Major in Accounting, and leads the Nexom teams with a current focus on understanding challenges and providing process-driven solutions that drive profitable growth.

Anousch Mathew

Anousch Mathew

General Manager

Anousch Mathew, P.Eng., MBA, oversees day-to-day operations of Nexom and Napier-Reid, with responsibility for overall profit and loss, as well as engineering, procurement, operations, project management, and human resources functions. He joined Nexom in 2022 and in his first year led the team through significant growth and achieved a record year in key financial areas. Anousch comes to the industry with extensive leadership experience in Aerospace, Agriculture and Distribution, including at Boeing and Cargill, and he both has a Professional Engineer designation and earned an MBA from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

Our Platform

Nexom is part of the Axius Water family of companies, a water quality-focused platform led by CEO Chris McIntire and formed by KKR’s Global Impact Fund and XPV Water Partners.

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In addition to Axius Water’s position at the forefront of addressing UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 (specifically Target 6.3), the platform’s stakeholders are counting on it to demonstrate excellence and transparency across all ESG issues.

To learn more about [brand]’s efforts through 2021, and its commitment to make a collective sustainability impact across environmental, social, and governance issues, visit our Sustainability landing page.