We stand by our projects with pride and a commitment to seeing them produce quality effluent for generations.

we’ve provided our technologies to over 8,000 water and wastewater projects around the world.

From mechanical plants to lagoon-based wastewater treatment, whether in North America, South America, Europe or Asia, our projects are on the cutting edge of treatment for nutrients and energy efficiency.

The following case studies illuminate some of the more interesting, exciting, and representative work we’ve had the privilege to work on.


FlexAir® Fine-Bubble Aeration

EcoBELT® Rotating Belt Filter for Primary Treatment

CoarsAir Coarse-Bubble Aeration

optAER® Fine-Bubble Aeration and Lagoon Upgrades
Martensville, SK: optAER

Range of lagoon aeration options, include floating and Nexom-exclusive float-sink laterals, needed to reduce land area required for updated treatment facility.

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Doaktown, NB: optAER & SAGR

An environmentally conscious wastewater facility upgrade uses the optAER lagoon aeration with SAGR to achieve year-round non-toxicity compliance.

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SAGR® Cold Water Post-Lagoon Nitrification
Mentone, IN: SAGR

Midwestern wastewater facility upgraded to meet low ammonia limits without abandoning existing lagoons.

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Blue PRO® Reactive Filtration for Ultra-Low Phosphorus & Metals
Burrillville, RI: Blue PRO

Northeastern municipal wastewater treatment plant upgraded with Blue PRO reactive filtration for ultra-low phosphorus and metals removal.

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Citronelle, AL: Blue PRO

Wastewater treatment plant upgrade doesn’t just beat an ultra-low Phosphorus limit, it beats North America’s lowest municipal Phosphorus limit.

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Blue Nite® Sand Filter-Based Biological Denitrification

SiteWorks™ Installation & Maintenance

infini-D® Zero-Downtime Cloth Disk Filter

IDEAL® Intermittently Decanted Extended Aeration Lagoon
Grantsville, UT: IDEAL

IDEAL extended aeration system and batch reactor process doubles treatment capacity for lagoons just south of Great Salt Lake.

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Fixed Grid