Duckett Creek, MO

Quarter-century relationship with St. Louis metro area treatment facility sees EDI deliver on the "Aeration for Life" promise

Project Information

Location: Duckett Creek, MO
Project Type: Municipal
Initial Installation: 1994
Upgrades: 2016, 2017, 2018

In 1994, Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) upgraded the Aerobic Digestion system at the 5 MGD Duckett Creek WWTP near St. Charles, MO. EDI installed FlexAir™ Magnum™ 84P tube diffusers in two series tank systems. This system upgrade by EDI resulted in approximately $60,000 per year energy and operating cost saving. Also, improved DO condition helped the plant comply with desired SOUR (Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate) criteria that they were unable to meet with the previous diffuser system. That was the start of a long-term relationship between Duckett Creek Sanitary District and EDI; based on EDI’s promise of ‘Aeration for Life’

During the following years, EDI was prompt to deliver replacement Magnum diffusers and membranes anytime Duckett Creek plant needed. When they planned to expand the digester capacity for their plant in 2016, EDI delivered again with Magnum diffusers on a new gravity-thickened fixed-grid digester system.

Moreover, EDI’s global services division SiteWorks overhauled the previous tank in 2017. SiteWorks doubled the capacity of the previous digester by installing new Magnum diffusers in between the existing diffusers; and replaced all the membranes of the old diffusers. Burns & McDonnell was the consulting engineer for these recent projects. Mr. Jeff Barnard (Project Manager) from Burns & McDonnell visited Duckett Creek plant in January 2018;

“Everything looks awesome and we are achieving 2 mg/L DO in their sludge basins… something they’ve never had before…”

– Mr. Jeff Barnard (Project Manager), Burns & McDonnell

This is another example of the lifetime value EDI’s product portfolio and service capabilities offer to its customers through its ‘Aeration for Life’ promise.

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