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Leachate can be nasty stuff. We can equip you with proven, easy-to-use technologies to keep it at bay. Whether you need to meet your municipal treatment plant’s requirements or the toughest environmental discharge permits, we have the solution.

Ready for your high-strength, highly-variable BOD, COD, and ammonia

The high levels of ammonia, Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), or Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in your leachate can be poisonous to receiving waterways or overload a municipal plant used to mostly household waste streams.

But high-strength and even highly-variable wastewater is no match for the BioPorts MBBR. It has a small, flexible footprint, so you won’t have a problem fitting it into your water treatment infrastructure, and it works by retaining more of the bacteria that treats the wastewater by growing it on plastic media retained within the basin, rather than just letting that bacteria wash out of the system with the cleaned water. (It also makes your aeration more efficient by breaking up the bubbles as they rise, and typically enables you to use low-maintenance coarse bubble aeration.)

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BioPorts MBBR media has a proprietary design that maximizes durability and protected surfaces.

Did you know?

Because the BioPorts media breaks up bubbles, low-maintenance coarse bubble aeration gets fine-bubble-level oxygen transfer efficiencies.

Case Study

At Seneca Landfill, BioPorts MBBR reactors enabled the site to dramatically reduce it’s highly-variable ammonia concentration limits, while the site produces enough green energy to heat over 27,000 homes.

Even in freezing water, you can treat ammonia to <1 mg/L

In cold climates where leachate may reach temperatures as low a 1ºC (34ºF), most traditional forms of treatment slow down to a crawl, meaning you either have to store your leachate through the winter or risk surcharges, fines, even an ecological and P.R. nightmare. Unless you have a SAGR for leachate treatment.

You can treat ammonia to <1 mg/L and polish BOD/COD to <10 mg/L in near-frozen water with a SAGR. It achieves this impressive feat by using the time when the water is warm to pre-grow the necessary bacteria that will treat the water when its cold. No more storing through winter, and you’ll sleep easy without worries about surcharges, fines, or worse.

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SAGRs strategically route loading to different areas in the bed when the water is warm, to grow the needed biomass to fully treat the loading when it gets cold.

Did you know?

There are over 100 full-scale SAGR installations across North America, some more than a decade old.

Case Study

When one Northern Ontario gold mine needed a way to discharge year-round, they wanted to be extra-sure the SAGR could handle its wastewater profile…

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Shellbrook’s objective was to treat its wastewater to the standards set by the CCME (Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment), which Saskatchewan Environment was in the process of adopting.

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Pilot Butte, SK

Back in 2014, Pilot Butte’s population had just climbed past 2,500, and with several developments in progress, the Saskatchewan municipality needed to upgrade their two-cell facultative lagoon system to allow for more treatment capacity.

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Maricopa, Arizona

In 2019, the Global Water – Palo Verde Water Reclamation Facility (WRF), located in northeastern Maricopa, AZ, was serving a growing population of 48,629 residents, while also seeing adjustments to their permit in their future.

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