The power to protect your traditional waters.

Meeting First Nations wastewater treatment needs.

Helping First Nations achieve wastewater treatment independence and success

Across the globe, indigenous peoples have a unique and unbreakable bond with the environment.

We have been honoured to help dozens of First Nations communities across Canada meet their wastewater treatment needs using green technologies that reliably protect receiving waters, and have provided on-site training to the existing wastewater treatment team.

The systems we supply are green and energy-efficient, and take minutes a day to run. And if you ever need assistance, our SiteWorks™ teams are the best in the business at installing wastewater treatment upgrades or simply helping plants operate at their best.

We have solutions that increase the power of lagoons, while ensure they remain the easy-to-run, environmentally-conscious choice that your community deserves. Contact us today to learn more.

Optimize your lagoons with optAER.

Our fine-bubble aeration and lagoon upgrades turn your ponds into a high-powered treatment plant, while keeping O&M simple and cost-effective.

With a SAGR, you’ll never worry about toxicity again.

Even when lagoons freeze over in the coldest Canadian winter, your SAGR can meet <1 mg/L ammonia, protecting your rivers, lakes, and the fish, animals and people that depend on them.

How some of our First Nations partners did it: