Treat your town right.

Technologies for cleaner, compliant municipal treatment plant effluent


Ready to serve your population, whether that’s 3,000 or 3 million.

Whether maintaining or upgrading your community’s existing treatment plant, or building a whole new one, Nexom is ready.

Build and maintain your plant right and it will protect you reliably and efficiently. Nexom (including EDI) pioneered upgrading treatment plants with fine-bubble aeration in the 1970s, revolutionized cold water lagoon treatment in the 2000s, and has continued to lead the way in nutrient removal and intensified treatment. Over that time, we have had the privilege of helping thousands of municipalities like yours effectively meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Maintaining a treatment plant is specialized work

If there’s a project you need done, our SiteWorks™ teams are the best in the business at installing upgrades or simply making plants big and small operate at their best.

Need to intensify your treatment?

We’ve got you covered! Our experts are here to help you:

Need filtration?

Let our in-house filtration specialists put your mind at ease, whether you need:

  • tertiary filtration, CA Title-22 reuse, stormwater/CSO treatment or phosphorus removal using a MITA pile cloth filter,
  • to meet ultra-low, microgram-per-liter phosphorus or metals limits using Blue PRO reactive filtration, or
  • the biological denitrification in a simple, continuous-backwash upflow sand filter format of Blue Nite.

Have lagoons?

You’ve come to the right place! We’re here for you, whether you need to:

Not sure exactly what you need?

That’s totally okay. If you have a wastewater challenge of any kind, we’re here to talk about it. Reach out today.

Never worry about your lagoon’s ammonia limits again.

With SAGR, you can meet <1 mg/L ammonia in water that’s <1ºC / 34ºF, with easy operations that take <15 mins/day. Make this your last winter you worry about your ammonia limits.

Optimize your lagoons with optAER

Our fine-bubble aeration and lagoon upgrades turn your ponds into a high-powered treatment plant, while keeping O&M simple and cost-effective.