In chemical production, miniscule deviations can have a disastrous impact. Wastewater treatment is no different.

Keep your focus on the chemistry that makes you money.

Let our experts handle the biochemistry that keeps your plant compliant, efficient, and easy to run.

Everyone has a role to play in the success of your business. As your wastewater treatment requirements grow due to increased productivity, rising rates from municipal treatment plants, or simply the need to replace rapidly-aging equipment, let us be your partner in wastewater treatment.

We supply, install, and maintain proven treatment systems so your facility can run more efficiently.

Whether you need a small-footprint COD removal, an upgrade to an existing activated sludge basin, or are frustrated with aeration membranes that are lasting a fraction of the manufacturer’s promised lifecycle, Nexom has the proven technology and the technical experts to help your engineers apply them at your facility.

And if you want to take the burden off your stretched environmental staff to maintain your system long-term, our SiteWorks aftermarket service squads are specially trained and equipped to do just that.

Expand your treatment capacity, not your footprint

If you’re like many chemical plants, you’ve had to be at the top of your wastewater treatment game for decades. But as production gets more efficient and regulations on your treated effluent gets tighter, systems that were built to manage yesterday’s wastewater many no longer meet your needs today. At the same time, extra space to expand your treatment may come at a high price, if it is available at all.

You may think that you don’t have the space or money to cut your loading, but you also might not know of the BioPorts MBBR. With its HPDE media providing a perfect home for the bacteria that breaks down your organic loading, a BIoPorts MBBR can handle high-strength and highly-variable wastewater. It does so in a way that’s easy to run, low maintenance, and so efficient on space, it can fit in spaces you might never have considered wastewater treatment could fit.

Did you know?

Because the BioPorts media breaks up bubbles, low-maintenance coarse bubble aeration gets fine-bubble-level oxygen transfer efficiencies.

Look inside

BioPorts MBBR media has a proprietary design that maximizes durability and protected surfaces.

Case Study

Leeds, AL was wondering whether their tight site had the real estate to upgrade their treatment capacity. Then they met the BioPorts MBBR.

Remove more solids (Even get reuse-ready)


Solids removal can help reduce your municipal treatment surcharges, and could be more economical than you might imagine. With MITA® Cloth Disk Filters, you’ll remove particles down to 5 microns in size, and thanks to our drum filter configuration, small chemical producers with flows up to 380 L/min (100 GPM) have a more efficient, small footprint solution.

And because it’s part of the MITA® series of cloth filters, your wastewater will be one step closer to be ready for reuse. (Of course, whether you’re into the latest trend to make beer out of cleansed wastewater may vary, contact us if you’re intrigued.)

Did you know?

The MITA® Cloth Disk Filter comes preconfigured, ready to be installed into concrete tanks, steel tanks, even specific pre-existing tankage.

Look inside

MITA® Cloth Disk Filters come preconfigured, ready to connect, and with built-in safety features.

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