Meat and Protein

Grilled, smoked, fried… we trust the experts who know how to prep our protein. It’s like that with your wastewater, too.

Your work is not for the faint of heart. It’s why we understand each other so well.

We know who to call when it comes to producing a great pork chop, the perfect Porterhouse, or a beautiful Thanksgiving turkey.

We strive to be the name you call for your wastewater. We turn the water used in meat and protein production and processing into perfect, compliant water ready to send to your municipal plant or even discharge to the environment. In fact, we’ve become experts in everything from A (identifying our clients’ needs) to Z (installing and even servicing their systems long-term) so our clients don’t have to be.

Let our experts help you turn your wastewater treatment operations into a worry-free, efficient compliance machine, so you can rest easier when you’re on the job seeing a healthier bottom line, or maybe even when you’re off the clock smoking the perfect rack of baby back ribs.

Get your dissolved oxygen more efficiently, more serviceably, more durably.

If you’ve got old existing aeration basins, let us help you make it work harder for you, rather than you working harder for it. How?

  • Our Matrix Plus membranes last longer, particularly in harsh meat processing wastewater, and help keep your system operating at its peak.
  • Our FlexAir diffusers optimize your air distribution to maximize your dissolved oxygen.
  • Our ModuleAir configurations offer access to your diffusers, even those at the bottom of a full basin.
  • Turn your existing activated sludge plant into a more efficient, reliable, and simpler system with BioPorts IFAS.

Not all aerated basins are created equal. Don’t replace your aeration without considering whether your system could work harder, more reliably, with less cost.

Look Inside

FlexAir aeration comes in many forms, including disc, tube, panel, or even Streamline which integrates the diffuser into your piping for ultimate efficiency.

Did you know?

Membranes come into direct contact with wastewater’s harshest contaminants, and choosing the right material can be the difference between a system that lasts a month or a decade.

Case Study

More than a decade ago, Leprino Foods, globally one of the largest mozzarella makers, started taking EDI up on our Aeration for life™ promise.

Turn that pond into an easy, odor-free treatment plant.

Your wastewater lagoon may not just be the simplest route, it may be your best bet for meeting your limits. When optimized with optAER fine-bubble aeration and lagoon upgrades, you have a user-friendly, low maintenance treatment system whose storage capacity internally equalizes loading peaks and valleys, while digesting your internal loading with minimal sludge production. Plus, that effective aeration. mixing, and resulting sludge management means you won’t need to worry about odors offending your visitors.

You might actually end up with a treatment plant so pretty, you’d consider putting it on your packaging.

Look Inside

optAER lagoons can be optimized using a range of tools in addition to fine-bubble aeration.

Did you know?

Adding aeration to a pond not only improves performance, but might actually save you expensive desludging.

Case Study

When a Wisconsin food processor was no longer able to meet their ammonia limits, they asked Nexom for help…

Let us handle your dirty work.

Even if you have full-time wastewater treatment staff, there are some jobs worth offloading. Maybe its the on-water work of inspecting and cleaning your aeration diffusers. Maybe it’s a big job of replacing outdated, inefficient membranes. Maybe it’s getting your brand new equipment installed by the manufacturer’s own wastewater treatment experts, not just any contractor between paving jobs, and having that single point of responsibility.

It’s worth hiring the right team to get the job done right, done faster, and with a warrantee. That right team is SiteWorks, our elite wastewater treatment squads and your wastewater operation’s new best friends. SiteWorks’ only goal is to ensure your plant is so well installed, serviced, and (should the need arise) repaired, you never have to worry about your wastewater treatment again.

Did you know?

SiteWorks installs, services, and repairs all makes and models of wastewater treatment plants.

Decide once…

…have it done right forever. Service contracts from SiteWorks ensure your treatment plant gets the attention it needs, when it needs it, without you lifting a finger.

Case Study

Since 1994, Duckett Creek, MO’s 5 MGD plant has saved tens of thousands of dollars annually thanks to upgrades, services, and expansions performed by SiteWorks.

Expand your treatment capacity, not your footprint.

Thanks to the byproducts of processing poultry, pork, beef and more, meat and food processors in general are major contributors of organic loading to municipal plants used to more of a residential workload. You may already be paying substantial surcharges just for the privilege of being a “significant industrial user.”

You may think that you don’t have the space or money to cut your loading, but you also might not know of the BioPorts MBBR. With its HPDE media providing a perfect home for the bacteria that breaks down your organic loading, a BIoPorts MBBR can handle high-strength and highly-variable wastewater. It does so in a way that’s easy to run, low maintenance, and so efficient on space, it can fit in spaces you might never have considered wastewater treatment could fit.

Did you know?

Because the BioPorts media breaks up bubbles, low-maintenance coarse bubble aeration gets fine-bubble-level oxygen transfer efficiencies.

Look inside

BioPorts MBBR media has a proprietary design that maximizes durability and protected surfaces.

Case Study

Leeds, AL was wondering whether their tight site had the real estate to upgrade their treatment capacity. Then they met the BioPorts MBBR.

Remove more solids (and even get reuse-ready).

Solids removal can help reduce your municipal treatment surcharges, and could be more economical than you might imagine. With the infini-D Zero-Downtime series of cloth filters, you’ll remove particles down to 5 microns in size, and thanks to our drum filter configuration, microbreweries with flows up to 380 L/min (100 GPM) have a more efficient, small footprint solution.

And because it’s part of the infini-D series of cloth filters, using our California Title 22-compliant cloth media, your wastewater will be one step closer to be ready for reuse.

Did you know?

The infini-D cloth disk filter is flexible enough to be installed into concrete tanks, steel tanks, even specific pre-existing tankage.

Look inside

Only infini-D Zero-Downtime filters have individual effluent ports, the key to internal redundancy.

Case Study

Camp Verde, AZ’s little leaguers play on infini-D filtered wastewater, reused to irrigate the town’s baseball diamonds.

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Brent Weber

Brent Weber

Industrial Sales Manager

Brent Weber is EDI and Nexom's Industrial Sales Manager. He started at EDI in 2014 and provides support to engineering consultants and industrial clients looking for proven and cost-effective wastewater technologies. Brent has experience working with all types of industrial water and is passionate about providing reliable and robust technology solutions for wastewater treatment.

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