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As you quench our thirst with the drinks we crave, let us help with the water that’s not going into bottles.

Zero water discharge is a lofty, reachable goal.

The liquids that don’t end up in your bottles can still be useful. But while you focus on turning your plant into a zero discharge facility, you need to be able to do so while keeping your bottom line healthy. We have the experts, proven technologies, and even the onsite services to make sure that your wastewater treatment and recovery efforts maximize each and every dollar, even as we make your plant easier to operate and simple to maintain.

reuse your wastewater with the California Title 22-approved filter that just doesn’t quit.

Your whole team doesn’t shut down every time an employee takes a day off, so why should your critical wastewater reuse filtration system work like that? California Title 22 is the standard when it comes to wastewater reuse. Admittedly, the infini-D Zero-Downtime Cloth Disk Filters aren’t the only ones that can achieve <2 NTU turbidity by removing particles down to 5 microns in size.

But what makes infini-D “Zero-Downtime” is the fact that each disk has its own effluent port. This not only allows a disk’s effluent to be isolated and tested, but it allows individual filter cloths to be removed to be inspected, even serviced or (in rare cases) replaced even as the rest of the filter continues operating normally.

Did you know?

The infini-D cloth disk filter is flexible enough to be installed into concrete tanks, steel tanks, even specific pre-existing tankage.

Look inside

Only infini-D Zero-Downtime filters have individual effluent ports, the key to internal redundancy.

Case Study

Camp Verde, AZ’s little leaguers play on infini-D filtered wastewater, reused to irrigate the town’s baseball diamonds.

Expand your treatment capacity, not your footprint

Don’t let footprint limitations keep you beholden to old treatment infrastructure. If you’re like many beverage plants, you’ve had wastewater treatment infrastructure for decades. Computers aren’t the only thing that have gotten smaller and more powerful; now there’s something better and smaller to meet your wastewater treatment needs, too.

The BioPorts MBBR (or IFAS upgrade) is intensified treatment that makes your system more reliable and simple at the same time. With its HPDE media providing a perfect home for the bacteria that breaks down your organic loading, a BIoPorts MBBR can handle high-strength and highly-variable wastewater. It does so in a way that’s easy to run, low maintenance, and so efficient on space, it can fit in spaces you might never have considered wastewater treatment could fit. (And if you have existing activated sludge tanks, BioPorts IFAS wouldn’t take any extra space at all.)

Did you know?

Because the BioPorts media breaks up bubbles, low-maintenance coarse bubble aeration gets fine-bubble-level oxygen transfer efficiencies.

Look inside

BioPorts MBBR media has a proprietary design that maximizes durability and protected surfaces.

Case Study

Leeds, AL was wondering whether their tight site had the real estate to upgrade their treatment capacity. Then they met the BioPorts MBBR.

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Brent Weber

Brent Weber

Industrial Sales Manager

Brent Weber is EDI and Nexom's Industrial Sales Manager. He started at EDI in 2014 and provides support to engineering consultants and industrial clients looking for proven and cost-effective wastewater technologies. Brent has experience working with all types of industrial water and is passionate about providing reliable and robust technology solutions for wastewater treatment.

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