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Never worry about your clients' facility again.


Equip your clients with a reliable, low O&M-complexity solution that’s more cost-effective than they expected.


For small- and medium-sized clients (either municipal or industrial in nature), a wastewater treatment plant upgraded with Nexom’s filtration, intensified attached-growth, or lagoon-based systems might be the most reliable, efficient, easy-to-run treatment option.

Nexom’s engineers have upgraded existing treatment and built greenfield systems for decades. They understand what consulting engineers need to move their projects forward quickly, efficiently, and with the confidence that the solutions they present will deliver the results clients need.

In fact, in pioneering the integration of installation and maintenance services through SiteWorks, you and your clients can enjoy a single point of responsibility for the technology and its performance at startup and beyond.

And Nexom’s technologies deliver:

  • our filters meet your nutrient- or solids-removal specifications, whether it’s a MITA pile cloth filter that arrives Title 22-approved, pre-configured and with a smaller footprint than the competition, Blue PRO reactive filtration that can meet ultra-low, microgram-per-liter phosphorus and metals limits, or Blue Nite sand filter-based biological denitrification for optimizing nitrate reduction.
  • the intensified treatment to suit your site, using a BioPorts MBBR specifically engineered to meet your BOD, ammonia, or nitrate removal needs, or a BioPorts IFAS system to upgrade your suspended-growth system for improved capacity, reliability and the ability to handle high-strength or highly-variable loading.
  • proven at hundreds of lagoons, our optAER system of fine-bubble aeration and lagoon upgrades, SAGR cold-water post-lagoon nitrification, IDEAL intermittently-decanted extended aeration, and BioPorts post-lagoon MBBRs have been rigorously stress-tested at some of the North America’s challenging sites to ensure that, before our experienced process engineers propose them for your site, they know precisely how they’ll deliver.
Never worry about your lagoon’s ammonia limits again.

With SAGR, lagoons can meet <1 mg/L ammonia in water that’s <1ºC / 34ºF, with easy operations that take <15 mins/day. Make this your last winter you worry about lagoon ammonia limits.

Meet your lagoon’s phosphorus limits with MITA.

The MITA Cloth Disk Filter-based Phosphorus Removal System uses less chemical and is easier to run than the leading cloth disk filter, which makes meeting solids or phosphorus limit a snap.

Optimize your lagoons with optAER

Our fine-bubble aeration and lagoon upgrades turn simple ponds into a high-powered treatment plant, while keeping O&M simple and cost-effective.

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You receive design support and final design-ready drawings, with the support of our expert engineers who work with you to identify the solution to your wastewater treatment requirements.

We Supply Our Exclusive Technologies

Our exclusive technologies will set your project apart and are delivered to site on time to keep contractors on schedule and accountants happy. Our qualified staff commissions our installations, assuring clients that our technologies work to specification and equipping operators with the knowledge they need from day one.

Never Worry About Nutrient Limits Again

We continue to stand behind the installation, long after the shovels and hardhats have left the site. Our support teams ensure our technologies exceed expectations, and they equip operators with the knowledge they need to keep it that way. Throughout the long life of the technology, our friendly staff is ready to supply any needed service or parts. After all, we are committed to our mission, that no engineer or operator should ever have to worry about nutrient limits again.