Wastewater Leader Nexom Acquires Entex BioPortz MBBR Technology

  • Nexom acquires BioPortz™ MBBR technology from Entex.

  • BioPortz is installed in 30+ locations across North America.

  • BioPortz to be enhanced with Nexom’s patented cold-water nitrification processes.

  • Nexom a wastewater technologies leader in biological and filtration-based nutrient removal.

WINNIPEG, Manitoba – Nexom CEO Tom Pokorsky today announced the successful acquisition of BioPortz™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) system from Entex Technologies, Inc. The acquisition will allow Nexom, a leading provider of wastewater processing technologies, to broaden its biological treatment portfolio in support of its diverse, growing customer base.

The BioPortz technology specifically reinforces Nexom’s position as the leader in biological nutrient removal for small and medium-sized wastewater treatment facilities looking to meet ammonia and or total nitrogen regulations. MBBR technology is an emerging field and BioPortz has established itself as a leader in the marketplace with more than thirty installations across North America. Nexom’s expertise in biological treatment uniquely positions it to both enhance and increase the reach of the technology.

“BioPortz will be invaluable as part of Nexom’s complement of solutions for nitrification and denitrification,” said Nexom President Martin Hildebrand. “It has already proven itself to be extremely competitive within Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) and Submerged Fixed-Film (SFF) systems, and we are excited about its potential to serve cold-climate systems that may not be a candidate for our industry-leading SAGR post-lagoon full nitrification due to footprint concerns that are exceedingly restrictive or ammonia limits that are decidedly not.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has named nutrient pollution “one of America’s most widespread, costly, and challenging environmental problems.” Ammonia in wastewater endangers primarily freshwater organisms and can lead to their reproductive failure and death.

By combining BioPortz technology with some of Nexom’s patented processes for achieving unmatched cold water ammonia removal performance, BioPortz will demonstrate a great leap forward for cold water MBBR ammonia removal efficiencies. The BioPortz process is also a well-established technology for landfill leachate treatment, the food and beverage industry, and oil and gas industry applications.

Since its launch in 2016, Nexom has committed to accelerating its growth through acquisitions, and has already completed the acquisition of what is now known as the infini-D™ Zero-Downtime Cloth Disk Filter technology as well as acquiring the assets of Blue Water Technologies, including Blue PRO® reactive filtration for phosphorus and metals, Blue Nite® Biological Denitrification, and EcoBELT™ rotating belt filtration for plant optimization. A number of additional acquisitions are being reviewed or initiated.

About Nexom

Nexom is a wastewater treatment leader, focused on bringing innovative and proven technologies to market for improved nutrient removal and increased energy and operational efficiency.

As rising pressure from nutrient limits and energy costs expose the limitations of existing wastewater solutions, consulting engineers and end customers need new tools they can trust. Through a rigorous proving process and pre-project support that produces final design-ready drawings, Nexom makes best-value technology solutions accessible so engineers can confidently exceed the demands of any municipality or industry.


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