Michigan (Upper)

Meet the team that can help you move your project forward
Meet Our Michigan (Upper) Representative(s)

For filtration projects in the Upper Peninsula, our rep is The ICS Group. Their ability to specifically meet the wastewater needs of the municipal and industrial sectors is second-to-none. To reach them, contact:

Phone: 920-405-0889
Website: theicsgrp.com
Office: 2701 Larsen Road
Green Bay, WI 54303

For biological projects, our rep is Energenecs. They’ve got a team covering the U.P. that will help your project blow expectations out of the water. To reach them, contact:

Phone: 262-377-6360
Website: energenecs.com
Office: 700 East Milan Drive
Saukville, WI 53080

What engineers have said:

"[Nexom's] innovative technology as a post lagoon tertiary filter will meet all the town's future development needs and save the town millions of dollars compared to a conventional plant!"— TRISH JOHNSON, OTTAWA, ONTARIO

What engineers have said:

"The [SAGR] wastewater system is consistently discharging extremely high effluent quality with non-detect BOD, TSS and ammonia."

What engineers have said:

"Nexom's ability to work with the local operators and their client service throughout the pilot was exemplary!"

What engineers have said:

"The ease of operation and the ultimate success of the Walker [SAGR] system has led to several other projects in the surrounding communities and throughout Iowa."— MATT WILDMAN, P.E. CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA

Recent Case Studies
Shellbrook, SK

Shellbrook’s objective was to treat its wastewater to the standards set by the CCME (Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment), which Saskatchewan Environment was in the process of adopting.

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Pilot Butte, SK

Back in 2014, Pilot Butte’s population had just climbed past 2,500, and with several developments in progress, the Saskatchewan municipality needed to upgrade their two-cell facultative lagoon system to allow for more treatment capacity.

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Park View, Iowa

Sanitary district upgrades lagoons for full cold weather ammonia nitrification within existing footprint.

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