Hi, I'm the Regional Manager for Utah.

My name's CJ Strain and I'm a Regional Manager with Nexom. My experience focuses on process design for optimal water treatment within the Nexom proprietary processes as well as traditional processes. I love combining extensive construction and process experience to provide effective and reliable solutions to customers’ problems. I have a lot of experience working with domestic pilot plants and environmental oversight, and have even had the chance to work in operations and training in Europe and Asia.

As well, allow me to introduce you to our representatives in Utah, isiWEST. They understand what we do really well and can bring our exclusive technologies to your project. You can reach them at:


Phone: 970-535-0571
Website: www.isiwest.com
Office: 4175 Mulligan Drive
Longmont, CO  80504

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Phone: 208-640-9102
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