CEC Removal in Cold Water SAGRs Observed: New Study

Advancing the science of cold climate wastewater treatment is important to the fulfillment of the Nexom vision, and a recent study published in the prestigious journal Chemosphere by a team including Nexom Research & Development Engineer Dr. Pouria Jabari does just that.

It reveals how Nexom’s patented SAGR post-lagoon cold water nitrification beds at two rural Manitoba First Nations showed removal of several polar Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs), a blanket term for the pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other chemicals that appear in wastewater but whose impact and effects are often unknown and/or unregulated.

The study is published in Chemosphere volume 253 (August 2020) and is accessible here to ScienceDirect subscribers. In an article to be published about the study, Dr. Jabari says “the results have shown that a technology already in place at many small Canadian municipal plants removes CECs at moderate level while also providing designed treatment performance, even in the extreme cold.”

Misipawistik Cree Nation’s lagoon-based wastewater treatment plant, pictured here, was one of the facilities studied as part of Dr. Pouria Jabari et al’s work on polar CECs.